Private Sector

Global Solar Vision is producing innovative solar powered LED road markings, also known as road studs. Roadstuds are active road markings. They send out the lights in an very energy efficient way using powerful LED technology. Thanks to our patented dc-dc converter we have overcome the traditional weaknesses of solar powered products and have created modern, innovative and reliable roadstuds. Thanks to this technology the Global Solar Vision products have a high grade of autonomy and don’t required to be powered by expensive cable systems. Installation is an ease.

Business Sector

Besides being used to increase road safety they are also being used for other purposes. They are applied to indicate entrances / exits of parkings, buildings, hotel lanes and for other special purposes. They are even used for decoration. Solar road studs are reliable and don’t require wiring. They are autonomous products. The sale of our product is done by carefully selected distributors. You will find them all over the globe. The distributors know the local circumstances and in this way we can assure you that you will get a correct answer on all your questions.

What’s New?

Solar Vision products, used in one of the most famous museums of the world, the Musée Rodin A French artist, Erik Samakh, used our products in an exhibition at the museum and especially for this exhibition.

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