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Privacy Statement

Click here for the english version. Inleiding GLOBAL SOLARVISION verwerkt persoonsgegevens en andere data in overeenstemming met de geldende wetgeving. In dit privacy statement (verder te noemen: “Privacy Verklaring”) zijn de overwegingen hieromtrent vastgelegd. Privacyverklaring Wij respecteren je privacy als je onze website bezoekt en dragen zorg dat de persoonlijke informatie die je ons verstrekt…

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Our modular systems:

OUR MODULAR SYSTEMS:     We developed 5 different types of road markers, which can be applied for different circumstances. We made various housings for different applications, here below the possibilities. We also supply different type of screws, like One Way Secufast®, Torx® Safety screws in A4 stainless steel quality. SV01 Basic SV02 Basic black…

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Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us?     Global Solar Vision already has over 10 years of experience in solar powering lighting systems, from high-end harbour lights to road markers, which demarcate roads at night to ultra low cost solutions. Global Solar Vision is producing innovative solar powered LED road markers, also known as roadstuds. Roadstuds are active…

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