Our modular systems:




We developed 5 different types of road markers, which can be applied for different circumstances. We made various housings for different applications, here below the possibilities. We also supply different type of screws, like One Way Secufast®, Torx® Safety screws in A4 stainless steel quality.

  • SV01 Basic
  • SV02 Basic black housing & stainless steel ring (decoration & anti theft)
  • SV02 Basic black housing & stainless steel ring
  • SV03/SV04 Basic
  • SV03/SV04 Black housing for wall & wooden deck mounting
  • SV05 Solar marker on white plastic pole

All our 5 types of Solar Vision products are made out of highest quality Polycarbonate from Sabic®, named Lexan®. For the LED we are using only leds from Nichia® For the batteries we are using Lithium Polymer batteries, specially made to handle high temperatures up to 80°C and also low temperatures up to -25 °C.

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