Solar Vision 3

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Solar Vision 3

A solar marker, applicable for mounting in elements and pavements in places where it does not come in contact with heavy traffic.


Dimension and Weight: Ø84mm, Height: 25mm

When installed: 7m Weight: 155 gram

Road placement: Flush mounted ( in concrete curbs)

Housing optional: Black poly carbonate housing for wood installation

and other surfaces, Rubber housing

Material: Sabic Polycarbonate transparent housing

Battery type: 2200mAh Li-Polymer High temp

Temperature Range: -25°C up to +80 °C

Type of Solar cell: Mono crystaline, 50mmx50mm

Micro controller: SunBoost® technology

Led configuration: Uni directional

Nr of LED’s: 1 LED

Angle of LED: 90° upwards (led angle can be 15° or 120°)

LED colour options: Different colours of LED’s and 4 prismatic reflectors

Light output of LED: 31000 mCd (Cold White, Nichia)

Software versions: Steady/ Flash, Candle effect, Snooze mode

Feature:  Not suitable for driving over with heavy traffic

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