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We have developed the industry’s leading Dc-Dc convertor for low power energy harvesting solutions. Our patented SunBoost® technology is the most advanced and versatile on the market. SunBoost® has won several industry awards and is used by several top-tier electronics manufacturers and brands


Our Led driver circuit is very efficient, so we convert in the maximum efficient way the power from the battery into the current through the Nichia led. Further we made special software, which detects the power level in the battery and reduces the current through the led, when the battery level becomes to low, to extent the autonomy of the product. We can make the products with various led colours, like Cool White, Warm White, Yellow, Orange, Red, Green, Blue.


Our Dc-Dc circuit is also equipped with a protection circuit, which handles the charging of the High Temperature Lithium Polymer Battery in the best possible way. Our circuit protects the battery for overcharging and under charging, so we limited the number of cycles the battery makes, to extent the lifetime of the product. The product switches automatically of as soon as the battery voltage is under a specific voltage, to protect the battery quality & lifetime.


Roads, pedestrian crossings, and harbour applications that are equipped with Solar Vision products are safer. It is proven that pedestrian crossings which are equipped with solar lights, do reduce the number of accidents on the pedestrian crossing.


All our products are manufactured in the Netherlands, with the best possible materials and we will constantly update the materials, leds, batteries if there are products available with a higher quality or better specifications. We can customize all our products to the specific needs of a situation, like flashing leds on both sides, or one side flashing and the other side steady, or one side green and the other side red, or any other combination.


We can implement different types of software, each with different solutions for specific situations. As example a version is special for products which are covered regularly under snow, so that the battery will not unnecessary run low, this is our special Snooze mode.
After 24 Hours of covered with snow it will turn of automatically and as soon as the snow has been removed or melted, the product leaves automatically this Snooze mode and turn into the normal mode. We also can program our products with the Candle Led software, which simulates a flickering flame of a candle, for decoration use.If you have special requests, please ask our distributors or contact us directly, we are able to modify our software on your request.

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